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Track the archives of our paid predictions, before deciding which service to subscribe to. The working process here is transparent, and tips results are updated daily.

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What is the purpose of football betting tips archives?

In the world of professional football predictions, customers require transparent and reliable evidence of the paid services they have subscribed to. Our tips archive has been created with the main purpose of reflecting the actual performance of our tipsters. We aim to demonstrate our trustworthiness to our clients. Our archive comprises the outcomes of our premium services, which are categorized into monthly and yearly tables. Results are displayed clearly and understandably and are easily accessible on both computers and mobile devices.

Why should you track the performance of tipsters?

Unfortunately, there are still many football prediction websites that do not publish their tips in official archives. This is a common practice in the betting world and it deprives customers of the quality service and treatment they deserve. It’s important to ensure that your tips are listed on time and accurately reflect the actual results of tipsters. You can easily calculate the results after your football tipster subscription ends and confirm if the success rate matches the service description.

How to check the transparency of our archives?

At FootyAccaTips, we assure you of the transparency of our archives. We ensure that your football predictions are published on time. Our team works with multiple clients simultaneously, but you can trust that all our services are occupied, and our archives represent the hard work of our tipsters. Our archives provide you with all the necessary information, such as tips, odds, scores, and results. You can easily compare them with the football picks you receive in your email.